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* Origin : KOREA
* Manufacturer : PION-TECH
* Brand name : PIODERM
* Model Number : -
* Specifications (Size) : 30ml x 5EA
* Material : -
* How to Use :
1. Make the skin clean.
2. Attach the mask after apply the gel to face(use all).
3. Remove the mask 20-30 minutes later.
4. Remove the gel using tissue and wash your face.
Tip. It’s more effective to put the remaining in the cooler.​
* Effect : It makes carbon combining gel and mask. It is system, the carbon let ingredients maintain in the mask, also transferring to skin effectively.
※ For the first time applying this gel, it makes your face red, but it will be originally few minutes later.​
* Chief Ingredients : Purified water, Sodium bicarbonate, Glycerin, Licorice extract,,,, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Eucalyptus oil, Pine extract, Bellflower extract, Angelica extract, Cinnabar extract, Chrysanthemum flower extract, Rose extract
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